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Polar research is part of our national culture, a showcase of Polish science, building the brand and prestige of Poland in the international dimension.

The activity of Polish polar stations is of particular importance here, in particular the Polish Polar Station Stanisław Siedlecki in Hornsund, which lead, among others research in the field of oceanography, geology, geomorphology, glaciology, meteorology and seismology and ecology.

The EDU-ARCTIC.PL project is an opportunity to broaden your horizons.

We want to increase the recognition of the achievements of Polish science, in particular Polish polar research, and increase the level of public interest in them and awareness of their importance.

What does the project offer?

150 webinars in Polish 

2 editions of the competition for 3 age categories, 2 polar scientific expeditions and 2 summer schools for children

series of 30 short video films "(Ant) Arctic without secrets"

publication of 46 popular science articles 16 open lectures 25 lectures/workshops for third age universities  and for children's universities

5 tool-kits "Family Labs" and the mobile application "POLAR EXPLORER"